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Bergen County Municipalities

Please not that all information contained on this page was obtained from public databases that include the FCC's On Line search engine. In addition, sections were taken from various periodicals and newsletters, always with the authors permission. And finally, my thanks to the countless individuals who forward changes on an almost daily basis. While many people have invested countless hours of monitoring to improve the accuracy of this list, this list cannot and probably will never be 100% accurate.

Population: 825,000
Area: 239 square miles
County Seat: Hackensack

Bergen County is composed of 70 municipalities (56 boroughs, 9 townships, 3 cities and 2
villages). The government is headed by an elected County Executive and the Board of Chosen
Freeholders (Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, plus 7 Freeholders). The three constitutional
officials are the Sheriff, County Clerk and Surrogate. The County prosecutor is an appointed
official. The County employs about 4,000, with 2,000 working at the County Hospital and
approximately 120 employed by the County Police.

Office of the County Executive: Bergen County Administration Building, Court Plaza South, 21
Main Street, Hackensack,
houses the following county agencies:
Administration and Finance
Human Services
Planning and Economic Development
Public Works
Bergen County Justice Center, Hackensack houses the following county agencies:
County Clerk
Sheriff's Department
Department of Health Services and Bergen Pines County Hospital: Ridgewood Avenue and
Fairview Avenue, Paramus
Department of Public Safety: Police and Fire Academy, Campgaw Road, Mahwah

Countywide Systems
Bergen County Police Department
The Bergen County Police Department formed in 1917 and provided police services for
most areas of the county. As the county grew, municipalities formed their own full time police
departments. All municipalities, except the boroughs of Rockleigh and Teterboro, have a
full-time police department. Currently, there are 18 separate local police frequencies in use, in
addition to three State Police systems, two interstate police systems and the County Police
system. The County Police patrol county highways, parks and county property, such as schools,
nursing homes, administration buildings, etc., and oversee security at the Bergen Pines County
Hospital. They provide police services under contract to the Boroughs of Teterboro and
Rockleigh. In addition, the County Police provide backup and support services to local
departments. The State Police limit their patrols to interstate highways, Routes 80, 95 and 287,
the Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. The BCPD has set up a travelers' Advisory System
on 530 KHz at routes 4 and 17.

BergenCounty Police UHF/VHF Radio Plan
477.1625R F-1 Dispatch (477.5125 may replace 477.1625 as F1) (WZK-401/KXY-614) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.1625S F-2 Car-to-car (WZK-401/KXY-614/KEA-334) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.1875R F-3 Countywide Alerts/Intersystem (WZK-401/KXY-614/KEA-334) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.2125R F-4 Tactical repeater/Special assignments (WZK-401/KXY-614) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.1875S F-5 BCPD Prosecutor units - Car to car (alternate) (WZK-401/KXY-614/KEA-334) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.2125S F-6 Tactical/Radar/Surveillance/Events (KU-7925) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.5125R F-7 Dispatch channel, independent of F1. Sometimes simulcasts F1 (WIH-520) (PL 156.7 Hz)
472.5125S F-8 Joint Ops BCPD / Prosecutors office (WIH-520) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.2875R F-9 Countywide Alternate - Has been used as "Dispatch" (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.2875S F-10 SWAT / Canine / Car to Car (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.5375R F-11 BCPD OEM units, seldom used. May be moving to F15 (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.5375S F-12 (PL 156.7 Hz)
478.5875S F-13 Presently used for BCPD Narcotics / surveilance. (PL 156.7 Hz)
478.5875   F-14 Specific designation not known at this time.
472.6375   F-15 Specific designation not known at this time.
472.6375   F-16 Specific designation not known at this time.
47.140       County Police to NJDOT (also 47.360)
867.6375R Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)(WPAP-561) Mobiles search for available frequency
867.2625R Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)(WPAP-561) Mobiles search for available frequency
854.5625  Allocated frequency - Unknown future usage
857.7125  Allocated Frequency -Unknown future usage

Recently Assigned Bergen County Frequencies
501.4375, 501.8125 When activated, these will be used by BC Sheriff's Department
502.0375                 When activated, this will be used with BC Sferiff's Department.

County Police Low-Band System (Limited use)
37.400 Office of Emergency Management to local towns (WPCO-576)
39.980 County Government (DPW/Animal Shelter/Parks, etc.)
44.460 Senior Citizens/Handicapped vans/School Buses
County Public Safety Notes
County Police Dispatch is referred to as "Communication."
Certain units, ALS 1, 2, 5, and 10, have been equipped with Bergen County Police frequencies.
Some N.J. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) supervisors have been equipped with Bergen
County Police radios to coordinate the two agencies.
The Bergen County U.H.F. Radio System maintains two transmitter sites: Geiger Road atop Stag
Hill, Mahwah; with backup facilities at Headquarters, 66 Zabriskie Street, Hackensack and remote
antennas throughout the county
The Bergen County V.H.F. Low Radio System has its transmitter at 66 Zabriskie Street,
Hackensack, remote antenna in Mahwah
The Bergen County V.H.F. High Radio System maintains two transmitter sites: 130 Overlook
Terrace, Hackensack; The Riding Stables, Franklin Lakes

The County MDT System may be used by any police agency in the county and several N.J.S.P.
cars operating out of Newark are using the system. County Police have 12 MDTs and the
Prosecutor 8. There is a plan to use laptop computers in the vehicles to prepare reports, etc. and
send them over the MDT to Headquarters.

The County Police, with the assistance of the State of New Jersey, have installed a radio system
on .530 MHz (WPAM-592) located at the intersection of Rt. 17 and Rt. 4 and a video camera
system to monitor that intersection linked to Police Headquarters.

The County Executive does not maintain any radio system, but he is escorted frequently by two
radio equipped Bergen County police officers, one uniformed and one plainclothes.

When a local municipality indicates the Medical Examiner has been notified and is responding,
what is really happening is that a Bergen County Police officer or a detective (if a homicide is
clearly indicated) is responding to investigate. The County Police may transport the actual ME to
the scene if the situation warrants.

The creation of a Rapid Deployment Unit has been approved by the County Freeholders.
$100,000 has been approved for the purchase of riot equipment. 200 officers from all the
departments in the county will provide manpower for special events and emergencies.

The Bergen County Police Department may be authorized to operate on the Port Authority 800
MHz radio system.

Bergen Pines County Hospital Security Operations
464.525R Security Officers/County Police Officers (PL 114.8 Hz)

Bergen County Police/Statewide Police Emergency Network (S.P.E.N.)
154.680 SPEN 1 (KNCK-259)(PL 131.8 Hz)
155.475 SPEN 2 (KNCK-259)
154.725 SPEN 3 (KNCK-259)(PL 131.8 Hz)
153.785 SPEN 4 (KNCL-361)(PL 131.8 Hz)

Note: Most police departments have a state-supplied two-channel SPEN base radio (SPEN 1 &
2). Many of the mobile units are equipped with at least SPEN 1 & 2 and frequently all four SPEN
channels will be installed. SPEN 4 is often found in portable radios used by Haz Mat teams, OEM
units, ambulances and fire departments. Commercial pagers are used extensively for
dispatching/notifications of various units for administrative purposes, as well as for assignments.

Department Locations/Sections
Police Headquarters: 66 Zabriskie Street, Hackensack
Sub-stations: Route 202 (Ramapo Valley Road), Mahwah (at the Ramapo Valley County
Reservation)(summer only)
Municipal Building, 26 Rockleigh Road, Rockleigh (at Rockleigh FD HQ)
Bergen Pines County Hospital, Security Office, Paramus
Municipal Building, Route 46 West, Teterboro

Specialized Units
Canine Units (nine): Dogs are trained for accelerant (arson), bomb and drug detection, in addition
to their normal patrol functions.
Emergency Services Unit: Bomb/Hazardous Materials Units; Hazardous Materials Unit; Scub Team
Motor Vehicle/Truck Inspection/Traffic Safety Team
Hostage Negotiating Team
Investigations Unit
Medical Examiners Investigation Unit
Training Unit (Academy), Rt. 202 (Ramapo Valley Road), Mahwah
Office of Emergency Management
Highway Patrol Unit
Fatal Accident Team
Mounted Unit Stables in Overpeck Park South, Leonia
Communications Unit: 66 Zabriskie Street, Hackensack (manned by county police department
personnel only). Full dispatch capabilities for county police and sheriff and backup facilities for ALS units.

The Canine duty vehicle and some marked patrol vehicles are equipped with VHF high-band
programmable transceivers to communicate on local department frequencies and SPEN 1, 2, 3, and 4. Some specialized units
are equipped with all local police and fire channels and some are equipped with cellular mobile phones.

County Police Radio Identifiers
Generally, county police personnel use their shield numbers to identify. Specialized units may identify by the vehicle number.
Vehicles are numbered 800-899; 809=K-9; 813=Haz Mat 2 Pickup with highriser lights; 831=Fire Coordinator;
832=Scuba truck 835=Haz Mat 3; 836 & 837 Pickup trucks; 838=K-9 4x4; 841=Emergency Services/Haz Mat 1 truck;
841A=SWAT; 847=Heavy duty tow truck; 848=Bomb truck with trailer; 852=Bomb robot/supply truck; 855=Mounted;
856=Mobile Command Post (MCP)(Equipped with all PD, FD, EMS frequencies in county,
H.E.A.R. radio, telephones, cellular mobile phone, numerous portables and portable repeater);
867 SWAT truck. Identifier heard on 477.1875 are CJ1 through CJ17, may be New Jersey State Criminal Justice units.

Bergen County Police Department Radio Signals (Primarily, only those with * are used.)
Note: Many agencies in the county have more than one radio installed in their vehicles. Many of
these are the multi channel programmable types which permits departments to have capabilities on
many frequencies for which they are not properly authorized or licensed.

Bergen County Fire - Police Related Operations
154.280 Fire Mutual Aid System (police to fire units) Countywide (KGB-888)(PL 156.7 Hz)
Note: All county fire departments and Haz Mat units have this frequency. Requests for the
County Arson Squad and Haz Mat Units are relayed on this channel. Select county police units
are also equipped with this frequency.

154.160 Fire - Dispatch for Rockleigh/Backup for other towns (KGB-888)(PL 156.7 Hz)
Note: There is a plan for the Bergen County Police Department to take over dispatch functions
under contract for any fire department in the county which desires such service. Currently the only
department using this service is Rockleigh F.D. The county can also dispatch departments 3
(Bergenfield), 38 (New Milford), 41 (Oradel)l and 52 (River Edge). Transmitters are located at
Bergen County Police Substation in Rockleigh and Bergen Pines Hospital in Paramus, each of
which are capable of operation on both 154.160 and 154.280.
153.770 Fire (KGB-888) Low power

Office of Emergency Management
327 East Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus; RACES Office - (basement) E. Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus
155.550R Primary (KJD-888/KVI-402)(input 156.150)(PL 156.7 Hz)
Note: The VHF high-band base radio at OEM HQ has all area Police/Fire/EMS/SPEN channels.
477.1625 Mutual Aid with County Police (PL 156.7 Hz)
37.400 OEM to Local towns (PL 100.0 Hz)
37.380 Secondary (PL 136.5 Hz)
39.840 F-1 EMRAD Region I (PL 131.8 Hz)
39.760 F-2 EMRAD Statewide (PL 131.8 Hz)
39.980 F-3 Bergen County Government frequency (PL 156.7 Hz)
39.980 F-4 Bergen OEM/Department of Health (PL 100.0 Hz)
146.535 RACES County Net WC2ACS "BROVO" (2 meter)(Call-up 1st and 3rd Wednesday of Month @ 20:00 hrs.)
146.565 RACES Packet network
145.680 RACES Statewide frequency
220.540 RACES Backup statewide
3.9965 RACES Statewide
3.9905 RACES Statewide alternative (Note: Additional nets can be setup on 6 meters, 10 meters and 220 MHz.)

Radio Identifiers on Emergency Management Frequency Channel 11
Police and Fire Academy
287 Campgaw Road, Mahwah (units 950-5)
153.770 Operations (KJB-888) F-1 Portables
154.160 Operations (KJB-888) F-2 Portables
154.280 Fire (KJB-888) Mutual Aid-Base (PL 156.7 Hz)
39.980 Operations (PL 100.0 Hz)

EMS Training Center
County Vocational School, Pascack Road (near E. Ridgewood Ave.), Paramus (Base radio and five portables)
155.280 Operations/Mutual Aid F-1 (PL 123.0 Hz) JEMS 3
155.295 Operations/Mutual Aid F-2 (PL 123.0 Hz)
155.205 Operations/Mutual Aid F-3 (PL 123.0 Hz)
153.785 Operations/Mutual Aid F-4 (PL 123.0 Hz) SPEN 4/JEMS 4
Note: The center has two ambulances equipped with most EMS channels.

Bergen County Sheriff's Department
Criminal Justice Complex, 1 Court Street, Hackensack
Jail and Jail Annex, 160 River Street, Hackensack
472.7125R F-1 Court Security/Operations (WIH-520) (low-power repeater)(PL 156.7 Hz)
472.7125S F-2 Car-to-car (WIH-520) (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.1875R F-3 County Police Channel (PL 156.7 Hz) BCI/Detectives/Process servers/Transportation
477.1625R F-4 County Police Channel (PL 156.7 Hz)
154.800 Jail and Annex operations (KNFC-862)(PL 151.4 Hz)
458.2875S Courthouse-judicial personal security devices (KB-91549)
Sheriff's Dispatch is known as "Operations" on all frequencies
154.680 SPEN 1 (KNFC-862)(PL 131.8 Hz)
155.475 SPEN 2 (KNFC-862)
154.725 SPEN 3 (KNFC-862)(PL 131.8 Hz)
153.785 SPEN 4 (KNFC-862)(PL 131.8 Hz)

Unit Identifiers
Note: The Sheriff's Office base is equipped with all area police radio channels. The Jail
Annex base is equipped with SPEN and Hackensack Police radio channels. Sheriffs' transportation
vehicles are equipped with SPEN 1-4. The BCI Mobile Crime Scene truck is equipped with all area police channels.

Sheriff's Department Units
Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
Detectives Division (investigates incidents arising in the jail or courthouse) Missing Person Unit
Warrant Squad - Warrants issued by Court for failure to appear, violation of probation, etc.
The Detectives Division also investigates any incidents at the jail or courthouse and internal affairs matters.
Jail and Jail Annex (160 River Street, Hackensack) Court Division
Note: There is no official title of "Deputy Sheriff" in the state of New Jersey. Any use of such a
title is an honorary/courtesy title and does not confer any law enforcement powers on that person.
The Bergen County Sheriff Mounted Unit and Motorcycle Squad is made up of such civilian
personnel and they appear at parades and the like on behalf of the Sheriff.

Prosecutor's Office
Courthouse Building, Hackensack
477.1875R Primary "Prosecutor's Base" or "Base 2" (PL 156.7 Hz)
477.1875S Car-to-car (PL 156.7 Hz)
Units: 700-798; Number refers to an individual, not a vehicle or assignment, except 700=County Prosecutor;
790-2=Arson Team; 796-8=Fatal Accident Team.
Note: The Prosecutors Office's mobile and portable radios have the same 8-channel radio
plan as the County Police.

County Narcotics Task Force
477.1875R Primary/operations (PL 156.7 Hz) "Base 3"
477.1875S Car-to-car (PL 156.7 Hz)
155.550R Old system (KJD-888/KVI-402)(input 153.875)(PL 156.7 Hz)-for future use
Units: 650 to 699 Note: A joint agency formed by the County Police, Sheriff, Prosecutor and local PDs.

Fire Mutual Aid Systems
33.860 Fire (Central, North Central/Northwest County)(PL 123.0 Hz) fireground channel in NW
153.890 Fire Tri-Boro North secondary (PL 173.8 Hz)
154.160 Fire County Dispatch Channel (PL 156.7 Hz) F-1
154.160 Fire Tri-Boro South (PL 107.2 Hz)(also 71.9, 114.8 Hz)
154.160 Fire Interboro (PL 71.9)(also 45.08 and 45.06)
154.265 Fire Interboro Fireground (PL 71.9 Hz)
154.175 Fire NORCOM (North/Northwest County)(PL 123.0 Hz)
154.355 Fire (East County)
154.445 Fire East Bergen Fireman's Mutual Aid Association (East County)
154.280 Fire Countywide (PL 156.7 Hz) F-2 All departments have mobiles/portables on this frequency.
155.820 Fire Tri-Boro Radio (PL 173.8 Hz) (also used by municipal departments in the area)
158.760R Fire PASCOM Dispatch: Emerson, Hillsdale, Old Tappan, Rivervale, Washington Twp.
and Westwood)(PL 100.0 Hz)(also used by municipal departments in the area)(input 154.235)
158.895 Fire PASCOM (Pascak Valley Mutual Aid Association)(PL 100.0 Hz) Fireground
158.940 Fire (North Central County)(PL 123.0 Hz)
Mid-Bergen (no common frequency)

There is no county fire department and frequencies shown merely list regional channel use
prevailing in county. A County Fire Coordinator has been appointed and identifies as "FC-11" on
fire frequencies and as car 831 on county police frequencies. There are 70 fire departments in the
county, four of which are paid municipal departments: Teaneck, Hackensack, Englewood &
Ridgewood; three are paid/volunteer: Edgewater, Cliffside Park and Bergenfield; the remaining 63
departments are volunteer. A tentative department numbering system is being implemented, where
a number would be assigned to each department based upon its alphabetic position, starting with
Allendale = Department 1 and ending with Wycoff = Department 70, but the system has not been
fully implemented. Hence, many departments are using conflicting identifier systems. Many
departments have multi-channel programmable radios and are capable of utilizing many other
departments' frequencies for mutual aid purposes.

Other County Systems
39.980 Animal Shelter(PL 156.7 Hz)
HQ: 100 United Lane, Teterboro Units 350-360
154.570 Bergen County Vocational/Special Needs School
857.7125 Bergen County Community College-Security
155.820 Bergen County Community College (KTX-767)(PL 131.8 Hz)
Maintenance/Paging 400 Paramus Road, Paramus
39.980 Health Department (PL 100.0 Hz) Units 361-3
155.550R Health Department (PL 156.7 Hz) Units: 3601-3610 Investigators
Medical Examiner's Office, 351 Ridgewood Ave., Paramus
151.625 Juvenile Detention Center
East Ridgewood Road, Paramus (also possibly in use at Conklin Youth House, 125 Essex Street, Hackensack)
39.980 Mosquito Commission (PL 156.7 Hz) Units 321-340; Jerome Avenue, Paramus
453.5875 North West Bergen Utilities Authority-Main Plant/Treatment facilities (KB-71093)(PL 123.0 Hz)
453.325 North West Bergen Utilities Authority-Systemwide
Office: Wycoff Avenue, Waldwick An independent entity which covers the northwest area from Wycoff to Mahwah.

North West Bergen Utilities Authority Units
39.980 Department of Public Works/Road Division (KEO-312/KJB-254)(PL 156.7 Hz)
Department of Public Works (Engineering & Planning): 29 Linden Street, Hackensack
Road Division: 70 Zabriske St., Hackensack Units 901-945
44.460 Dept. of Special Transportation (senior citizens/disabled)(PL 110.9 Hz)
12 Broadway, Hackensack; Units: 501-551
39.980 Parks Commission HQ (PL 156.7 Hz) 327 Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus Park
Rangers; Units 300-310
154.600 Parks Commission, Van Saun Park Zoo

County Parks
Note: There are several 1,000-acre tracts of undeveloped county parkland in the Ramapo
Mountains in the vicinity of the the Ramapo River. Some of this property was acquired by the
state of New Jersey in order to complete Route 287.

155.865 Bergen County Improvement Authority (WNFW-365/KJK-512)(PL 127.3 Hz) Little Ferry
153.935 Bergen County Improvement Authority (PL 123.0 Hz) North Arlington
155.550 Bergen County Improvement Authority (PL 156.7 Hz) Inspectors

County Improvement Authority Locations
Administration Building/Solid Waste Treatment/Sewer Plant - Mehrhof Road, Little Ferry
Refuse/Garbage Landfill - Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst
Recycling/Baler/Compactor/Landfill - Schyaler Avenue, North Arlington
Harrington Park West - Harriot Ave.; Harrington Park East - Livingston Street

County Improvement Authority Unit Identifiers
Bergen Pines County Hospital
464.525R Security Operations (PL 114.8 Hz)
464.625R Maintenance (PL 203.5 Hz)
453.9125 Laundry
155.340 H.E.A.R. (KAA-576)

Note: The hospital complex, consisting of 14 buildings, is located at Ridgewood and Fairview
Avenues in Paramus. The County Police Sub-station/Security Office is located in Building 10.
There is a Sheriff's Office located in Building 8 which is manned when there are prisoners in the
jail ward. Hospital security officers are not armed.

Bergen Pines County Hospital Patrol Posts
Bergen Pines County Hospital Radio Codes
Bergen Pines County Hospital Unit Numbering
Security officers ID by badge numbers: 500 series
D1, D2, D3=On-duty county police officers in the hospital
Northern New Jersey Mobile Intensive-Care Consortium (MICCOM)
155.175 Paramedic "Dispatch Channel"(KEP-630) J.E.M.S. 1 (PL 100.0 Hz)
Dispatched by Hackensack Medical Center (HMC) rumored to move to Totawa
155.340 J.E.M.S. 2/H.E.A.R. (KEP-630) Ambulance to Hospital (PL 100.0 Hz on Tx)
DMTF 5200
155.280 J.E.M.S. 3 (PL 100.0 Hz)
153.785 J.E.M.S. 4 (PL 131.8 Hz)
462.950 Medical frequency assignments (KEP-630)(PL 192.8 Hz)
462.975 Medical frequency assignments (KEP-630)(PL 192.8 Hz)
MED-CH Medical operations (PL 192.8 Hz)
The dispatcher will alert the ALS unit as to the particulars of the call on the "Dispatch Channel,"
and after the unit determines that its services are required, the dispatcher designates one of the
MED-Channels for medical direction. The hospitals participating in the program are:
Hackensack, Pascack Valley, Valley, Holy Name, Englewood, Bergen Pines, Saddle Brook,
Greater Paterson General, St. Joseph's, Wayne Gen., Beth Israel, Passaic Gen., Chilton Memorial
and St. Mary's. ALS units do not transport the patient; the paramedic will ride with the
ambulance squad that performs the transportation. The ALS units are equipped with radio
equipment to communicate to local PD's for directions. A portion of Morris County is now
included in the response area of this ALS System.

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